Jarrah Sweater hack

I made another thing during the christmas break, it’s a very warm hack of the Megan Nielsen Jarrah Sweater! So without further ado I proudly present to you.. my wearable black sheep!


I used a fabric from the local fabric market. It’s a black fluffly teddy like fabric, I think is goes by the name sherpa or shearling? Not sure what the correct one is. What I do know is that my sewing room was filled with little black fluff EVERYWHERE after cutting and sewing it! It’s also a very lightweight but voluminous fabric. Inside it’s very cosy and warm, but the wind outside will go straight through it. You win some, you lose some..

Details of the Jarrah Sweater hack

To achieve this hack I cut the front not on the fold, but I added 3 cm. It was first intended as a seam allowance for the zipper, but I used it a bit differently. I kind of made the construction up while working on it, so I was wondering how to do a proper seam finishing around the zipper. When putting the jacket/sweater on during construction I figured I really like the overlapping on the front, which created the very high collar. Inspired by the Closet Case Clare Coat I decided to try and add the zipper in a visible way.

I pinned the zipper in place while wearing it, so I would have a straight visual line. If I am not wearing the jacket, the zipper is actually a bit curved, because, you know, boobs.

Because I like my tops and sleeves long I added 5 cm to the sleeves and 5 cm to the length of the body. I made a size 14 for your reference.

As soon as my black sheep was finished I put it on for the rest of the christmas break. I only put it back on the hanger because I started working again and I’m not sure it’s really work appropriate. What do you think?