Villette Teddy coat La Maison Victor

Yeah, I was finally was brave enough to dive into making a teddy bear coat!

The pattern I used is the Villette coat from La Maison Victor. It comes in combined sizes so I could choose from 38-40 or 42-44. I decided to go with the last one altough next time I will certainly pick the 38-40.

I only altered the sleeves: I added 10 cm’s in length to the sleeves because I read they are not very long. In the end 8 cm would also have been fine. I also took some width out of the sleeves because I was drowning in them..!

A small note for if you also want to make this pattern: I don’t have a lot of hips, but the size 42-44 just fits right on my hips. If I size down when I make this pattern again I will definitely add some width at hip level to make sure I can wear it with a sweater underneath.

I also lined the whole coat! You have to do everything for the first time once. This was my first for properly lining a wintercoat! I made a lined blazer, but that didn’t really worked out very well. Lining fabric is very slippery to work with, so I am not sure I managed to cut everything very straight. I’ll to wait a bit and see how it hangs over a couple of wears..