Summer bikini from Evie la Lùve

Since today is the first day of actual summer here in the Netherlands, I thought it was the perfect moment to share some pictures with you of one of my recent makes:  a bikini! A while ago I saw a request from Evie la Lùve that she needed new pattern testers. I applied because I like to test patterns, and she makes a lot of nice lingerie patterns so I thought that would make a good combination.

I tested the Summer bikini, a pattern that is not released yet, but I was already allowed to share my version with you.


The Summer Bikini from Evie la Lùve. I made the top in a size M, the bottom part in a size XL (tester version, so I don’t know yet if the sizes are the same in the actual pattern!)


The main fabric is the travel jersey from Driessen stoffen. The bikini lining, elastics, clasp and striped fabric are from Kantje Boord in Amsterdam.


Do I love it?

Yes! I was in dire need of a new bikini. The top is actually fitting very well! Only the bottom part is just a bit tight, but with a little less ice cream this summer it should fit perfectly. I used my coverstitch machine to do all the top stitching and it actually worked great! Over the last couple of months, I developed a great love/hate relationship with my coverstitch machine, so I was really surprised that it had no trouble AT ALL to cover the lining, swimsuit fabric and rubber elastic in one go (you bet I did a little dance to celebrate!). Sewing the slippery fabric on my regular machine however was really horrible, just because the fabric was shifting really badly under my pressure feet.