Wedding season party dress!

Hi there! today I want to share a dress with you that I made for a friend’s wedding! It is a total mix-up of different patterns, but something that you can easily replicate with dozen other patterns. Let me introduce to you: The Dove hack!


Dove Blouse by Megan Nielsen

Size made

I made a size L.


I ordered the fabric from Aliexpress. It was a wild guess, but ended up alright! Although some of the flowers didn’t survived a washing machine cycle completely, it is still very wearable. For finishing the neck I used a standard black bias tape.

The hack

I am not sure what length I started out with on the blouse, but I thought I just cut the Dove pattern at waist level, and then add a bit of length back to the back pattern piece. As you can see in the pictures the back bodice is longer than the front. Then I made two square rectangles as the skirt. I wanted to create a bit of a ruffle at the top, but didn’t had enough fabric. Before attaching, I removed some height from the back skirt piece, and the back bodice was already longer and I wanted the dress to be the same length at the bottom.

Let me know what you think about this post!

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