Virginia Legging – Megan Nielsen

Hi there! It’s blog post time again. For this make, I used a material that I never used before: fake leather (aka pleather, vegan leather, etc).


The pattern: Megan Nielsen Virginia leggings

Size: L, made the tall inseam.

Fabric: Stretchy fake leather from one of the fabric stores around the Sacre Coeur in Paris.

Yes, it was sunny and couldn’t see a thing on my balcony.

First of all, I think this pattern is really great. It comes with a petite and tall inseam, which means the leggings are actually long enough for me. Hurray! After reading a bit of review on this pattern, I made sure that my pleather fabric had enough stretch. So, I measured the stretch percentage in one direction. It would have been a good idea to measure the stretch in both directions. That would have told me that there is NO stretch in the vertical direction. Well, let me tell you one thing: this pattern needs a fabric that is stretching in both directions.

After I had sewn the most important seams (which are only the crotch seams and the inseam, there are no side seams) I discovered that the leggings would NOT stay on AT ALL when I sat down. After having a short debate with myself I decided to just add an extra piece of fabric, kind of like a yoke but then going around my waist completely. Lucky me, ‘cause that worked out great! So, please keep in mind that when you make this pattern, your fabric need to stretch in ALL directions.

awkward butt shot for sewing purposes…

Then, also a bit about sewing with pleather. I didn’t worked with pleather before, but read a bit about it and invested in a Teflon sewing foot as a good preparation. I ordered it from Aliexpress just to try, but after sewing with it, I am not sure it is really Teflon. The pleather was still sticking to the feet, so I just covered it with masking tape. That worked out great, so if you don’t have a Teflon sewing foot: buy yourself some masking painters tape and you’re fine as well!

Would I make it again? Yes! I would love to make these as a work-out legging as well, maybe hack a side seam into it to add some funky panels… who knows what the future might bring!