Aime Comme Murmure

Here’s the Aime comme Murmure blouse from Aime comme Marie that I made and it’s been in constant rotation since I’ve finished it.


I got the fabric when I was in Paris last year. It’s from a shop called Stop Tissus and it was really cheap, like €2 per meter. That was really noticeable when I tried to cut out my pattern. Although it is a viscose like fabric, it shifted ALL over the place. That’s why I’m just calling this my wearable muslin.

Doing a funny dance Y’all!

The pattern

The pattern itself is ok to work with. There is a booklet coming with it with French instructions and a couple of images. You still have to really look carefully to understand what you need to do, as not all steps have an illustration. Then at the end of the booklet, there is an English translation but without the pictures. I kind of did not use it because the English itself is still very ‘French’ and therefore hard to understand. However, if you made a blouse before, you can easily manage this one.

One thing that I really missed is that this pattern is made without any interfacing. If you are using a slippery fabric, making buttonholes will become a real challenge without any interfacing there. Also, the collar has no interfacing at all. I don’t know about that, but I added it myself to prevent a really crumpy collar.


I chose to make the LL size based on my measurements. For a next one, I’m going to size down to an L. The pattern itself is already quite big, and I measure right into the LL measurements, I think the collar of the L will fit me a bit better.

For the #sewingtall peeps out there: I added about 10 cm’s in length, because the pattern is quite short, especially in the front. The back is becoming very long now, maybe a bit too long. I do like to have a difference between front and back but maybe this is getting a bit weird.. Will think about it a bit for a next version 🙂

Tell me what you think about this pattern! Did you also make it?

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