Stripey Dove hack

Hi there! It’s been a while, but I’ve got something new for you. I’m proud to introduce to you: my Megan Nielsen Dove hack dress! I had this pattern in my stash for over a year because I really liked the V-shape of the neckline and all the sleeve options. Last week I decided to actually make it after the perfect fabric was delivered to my door.


Dove blouse by Megan Nielsen

Size made

Size M (my measurements are 99-85-105)


Ribbed Jersey from Driessen Stoffen. It was €4 a meter, that’s really cheap in my world. It has already survived a couple of washes without pilling. You can still buy it here.

The hack

I first traced the pattern pieces for the blouse. Then I just lengthed the bottom part of the front piece with 30 cm and the back piece with 24 cm. I first defined the ideal length of the dress for the front piece by comparing it to an existing dress. Then I changed the back bodice piece accordingly. Just keep in mind that there is a bust dart on the front pattern. I folded the dart up so I could align the length of the side seams when deciding on the length of the dress.

The bottom width I copied from an existing dress that I really liked and is about 31 cm width on half a pattern piece (front and back are the same widths). The sleeves are shortened with 5 cm because of a lack of fabric.

Then I sewed the whole thing up and discovered it was a bit too width for my taste. So I decided to remove 1,5 cm from all side seams and sleeves to make it a bit more fitted.

Notes for when I make it again

Although the dress is still wide on me, I feel the upper back is quite tight. It’s not really restricting because of the stretchy fabric, but I feel the seams pulling at the back of my shoulders. When I make a next version I am doubting if I should size up or make another alteration. The shoulder seams are where I want to have them, so I am not sure sizing up would give me what I want. I do want to make a small dowagers hump alteration and a forward shoulder alteration so this might already make a difference. If you have any tips on this I would really appreciate them.

Final touch

To finish my dress, I added a label to the back. The Dutch label shop provided me with these labels and if you want them too you can get a 15% discount with the ‘thefinalstitch’ until the31st of May 2018.

Let me know what you think about this post!

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