Review: Woven labels from Dutch Label Shop

Since I started with The Final Stitch, I wanted to have labels with my own logo on it. That is why I contacted the Dutch Label Shop, to see if I could do a review on their labels so that you all know what you get when you order labels from them.

‘front’ of the label

The Dutch Label shop sponsored me by offering a discount of 100 euro on their labels. The opinions below are however completely mine. I was free to write whatever I thought about them. I also have a discount code to share for a 15% discount for you, so keep reading until the end!

Previously I had made labels with another company, and their woven labels were really low quality. The woven text was not sharp, the thread used for the text was kind of loose and the sides were itchy on your skin. So, I decided to order some samples from Dutch Label shop to see how their quality was. Their sample set did not disappoint! You have a lot of different options to choose from and all of them were high quality and super soft on your skin.

I was looking for a specific type of labels in a high quality. I wanted the labels to be kind of square, double folded with the fold at the bottom. Also, I wanted the front and back to have a different design, so I could use them both ways and have them look like different labels. Therefore I ended up with choosing the ‘book cover fold’ type of label, but there are many other options.

‘back’ of the label

You use an online tool to make your design. You set the size of your label, the colors that you want to use, if you want to sew them in your clothes or have them with a kind of glue so that you can iron them in your clothes. I opted for a black background, with a white logo. You can, however, choose more than one color.

Conclusion: I love my labels!

I am very happy with the final results! the text is clear and sharp, the labels are soft and they sew up easy in your clothes. Be careful when you iron them. I tried to iron out the fold on top of the label for easier application in a seam, but the label shrunk quite badly by my iron on full-power. But look how BEAUTIFULL your clothes look with a label in it! Also, no worries about putting your shirt on the wrong way 😉

Room for improvement

If I am really picky, I would say that the black of the label is not really deep black, but more like a gray. Probably because of the white logo. I know that when you order white labels you can let them add an extra layer of white to prevent the other colors to show, but I kinda wished they would also have that option for black labels. Also, the roundness of my font made the top of the ‘e’ from ‘The’ disappear a bit. Overall not very annoying things, but I do think this is something to keep in mind when you order labels. The Dutch Label shop is offering a photo proof option. I didn’t opt for this, but I wonder if that would have prevented this from happening.

Make me smile, please

There is one thing that is a bit annoying to me in the ordering process. As a UX designer, it is important to me that there is a happy experience when you place an order. You want to feel confident that everything is going to be alright and that you know when you can expect your order.

So what happened? I didn’t get an order confirmation. Only an invoice, but nothing saying to me: this is what you ordered. Since I figured it would come a bit later, I just replied to the invoice with my designs attached (if you want to send illustrator files, you have to send them by email). But then it kinda went silent for a couple of days. When I give a company my money I want to feel confident that everything is gonna be alright. I want to feel happy. Now I was just wondering if they even received my order properly. Also online I couldn’t find my order on the order overview*. I wrote to their customer care about this, and three days later I got a reply saying it was fixed and that they received my order. When I logged on I still couldn’t see my order. Since I just assumed that everything would be fine because they received my order I just let it go at this point. When I checked back in a couple of days later my order did show up on their site. So, in the end, I did get my labels and I am very happy with them, but I definitely see a chance for making your customers happier when they wait for their labels to arrive. Also, I don’t know if this happened only to me or not, I didn’t find any other customers reporting this problem! In the end, it wouldn’t prevent me from ordering again because I think/hope it was just a one-time error in the system.

*Update: I had contact with Hielke, one of the very friendly owners of The Dutch Label Shop. She told me that it was a bug, that is now fixed, that prevented me from seeing my order online.  So if you order labels you should be able to see your order online.

To conclude: would I order again? Yes, I would! Do you also want to order labels for yourself right now? Then please you the discount code ‘thefinalstitch’ to get a 15% off until the31st of May 2018.

Let me know if you order any labels!

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  1. Ka Yun schreef:

    I just had a set made too. The end result is I love my labels! I did pay a little extra to have several rounds of photo proofs made and it was worth the peace of mind. The first changes were for color, the second to tune the layout.

    I too had some blips with the user experience, but nothing that would deter me ordering them again.

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