Red Velvet Watson Bra

I didn’t make a red velvet cake, but I did make a red velvet Watson Bra! With tiger lace on the back it is becoming my favourite bra!



Watson Bra from Cloth Habit. The Watson bra is a bralette. This means there are no wires in this pattern. It has a plunging neckline and is drafted for stretchy fabrics for the cups. There is a version with a small or a wider band. I chose to make the smaller band. The pattern actually also comes with a bikini bottom part, so you can make a complete set!


Since this was the third version I made, I made a size 38C. the two previous versions were a size 38D. On those two versions, I made some adjustments that made me think that maybe a 38C would be better. It still fits, but I would prefer the wider cups of the 38D. The problem for me is more in the volume of the cup itself, so that is one of the places that I made changes.


I made a couple of changes, but they are easy to make. If you need help to decide what changes to make to your own Watson, there is a great post on possible changes in the Watson sew along.

These are the changes I made to the pattern (credits for the clear instructions below go to Amy of Cloth Habit!)

Reduce gaping at the underarm seam like this:

Reduce the volume in the cups like this:

Lowering the cup height like this


I sourced the fabric from different spots all over Amsterdam. The velvet is from De Boeren Bonthal at the Albert Cuijp market. Then the animal print lace is originating from A. Boeken in the center of Amsterdam. The powernet, elastic, bra hook and eye, rings and sliders are from Kantje Boord.

Let me know what you think about this post!

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