Kyoto sweater hack

Kyoto Sweater hack – Papercut patterns

A couple of week ago I bought a sweater from H&M, just because I was too tired to make a sweater myself. But, when it arrived, it was a very short model. Much much MUCH shorter than it appeared on the images online. So, back in the return enveloppe it went. And I made a trip to the fabric store to buy the fabric to make myself the same sweater. And while I was at it, I chose my favourite colours: black, white, grey and burnt orange/brownish. A Kyoto sweater hack was born!

Pattern: Kyoto sweater from Papercut patterns

Size: M

Alterations: I made a forward shoulder adjustment (see further down this post how I did this) and added a couple of cm’s in length (I like my sweaters slouchy). Also, I raised the neckline a bit, although it could even use another centimeter or so.

The hack: Adding a V pattern to both the front and back. I did this by slashing the front and back pattern pieces and add some seam allowance. I have no photo’s of it, but you basically just draw the lines on where you want the different colours to begin. Then you cut the pattern and add seam allowance.

Will I make it again? Yes! but probably without the ‘V’s on it. Stitching it all together was not my favourite thing to do.

Since I wanted to document a bit what I did, these are pictures of the forward shoulder adjustment I did. You basically just remove some fabric from the front shoulder and move it to the back. This way there is more balance in your shirt on your shoulders, which hopefully prevent this sweater from sliding to my back all the time (like my kyoto t-shirt did). The pictures also show that I brought the neckline a bit in.

forward shoulder adjustment

Unfortunately, after one cycle in the washing the machine the white is already very greyish. Apparently the black is not very solid in colour (I did wash it before sewing!) Maybe it will have two kinds of grey after two more washes, we’ll see… Luckily I shot my pictures before washing so I can always remember the virgin white it once was… 😉 Or if you have any tricks on this part, please let me know!

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